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HP ProLiant 1U Rack Server with nCompass by Ericsson

HP - nCompass
HP - nCompass
HP - nCompass
HP - nCompass
HP - nCompass
HP - nCompass
HP - nCompass
HP - nCompass
HP ProLiant 1U Rack Server with nCompass by Ericsson
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  • Code: BS18778
  • Model: nCompass

nCompass by Ericsson offers service providers powerful and effective management of Ericsson’s full range of video headend systems and broadcast products. nCompass has been developed to provide a world-class management and control solution to accompany our world-class encoding and broadcast systems whilst providing a highly open and integral approach to third party applications and system devices. The application platform enables a unified view control of multiple devices within an elegant and easy-to-use interface.

nCompass will continually monitor every device within a local system, and also provides automated failure detection, redundant component switching and configuration of the fail-over components. Scalability is ensured with a flexible licensing model and enables nCompass to grow in step with system growth. This approach reduces upfront costs and ensures a future-proof investment. nCompass will meet the management and control requirements of the full spectrum of headend configurations – from smaller edge sites to complex satellite, cable, terrestrial and IPTV super headends across a wide area network or local area network.

Technical Details

  • Monitors system component and device health status via an equipment graphic map
  • Route view shows the equipment in use per component, service or transport stream
  • Automatic 1+1 or n+m redundancy protection switching
  • Configures and monitors Reflex™ Statistical Multiplexing. Local or remote Reflex is available for HD/SD MPEG-4 AVC and MPEG-2
  • Support for the latest MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC card based encoders offering module and chassis based redundancy
  • Dynamically generates PSI and SI according to configuration changes
  • Full re-multiplexing support including real-time PSI regeneration, and dynamic rules-based pass-though of descriptors
  • DVB Simulcrypt integration with all major CA vendors
  • Choice of internal EIS or integration with third-party EIS using standard DVB interfaces
  • External SNMP interface for integration with higher level management (OSS/BSS) systems
  • Defined remote interfaces for third-party control, e.g. automation
  • Flexible user-access control to prevent unauthorized access
  • User customisable views – changing service icons, route views
  • High Priority service protection utilizing hot standby configurations
  • Enhanced routing control ensuring users that services are routed correctly
  • Module level control of Ericsson’s Encoding portfolio
  • User configurable e-mail notification of monitored alarms
  • Enhanced confidence monitoring through graphical thumbnails for a service, device or group