HP 346B Noise Source 10 MHz - 18 GHz

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HP 346B Noise Source 10 MHz-18 GHz

The noise source produces noise output (power-on) when +28 V is applied. When it is off, there is residual noise due to thermal agitation in the noise source (power-off). These two noise levels are used to measure the gain and added noise of the device under test, and consequently, its noise figure.

The Excess Noise Ratio (ENR) for each noise source has been measured at major frequencies and recorded on a label attached to the noise source (see Figure 1-2). ENR references power-on to the noise power that exists at 290 Kelvin (17 °C). In addition, a separate calibration sheet showing the complex reflection coefficient in both the on and off states is included with each instrument.

All three models are provided with a BNC female connector for power input. The output connector is a male APC-3.5 on the standard noise sources. Type-N and APC-7 connectors are available as options for the Agilent 346A and 346B Noise Sources. In addition to these general characteristics, certain characteristics apply to the specific models. These characteristics are listed in Table 1-4.

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