Holt Broadcast Mains Distribution Unit Single I/P 12 way, non sequenced start, rocker switch

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  • Brand: Holt Broadcast
  • Model Number: 66109
  • Product Code: BS17496
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Product Description

We manufacture a range of 1RU and 2RU 19 inch rack mount units that provide power distribution in equip
ment bays and consoles. Available as 12 or 14 way (1RU) and 24 way (2RU) with single or dual inputs.
Inputs are by way of Powercon connectors, with Dual Input units being microprocessor controlled, and the
outputs using IEC connectors.
In addition, there are now also two specialised units based on the format of the above units, but both these
units have a total load capability of 32amps.
The first of these is a Single Input, 12 way unit, fitted with an input breaker and the second is a Dual Input,
12 way unit, with the outputs split, so that 6 outputs are associated with the A input and the other 6 outputs
are associated with the B input.
The units have undergone full in house testing, as well as external testing including EMC and Safety Tests

Product Features
· Each output is individually fused and has associated power availability/fuse
failure indication
· Options of single or dual input. The dual input version
allows for standby supply. In the event of failure of the
primary supply, the unit will switch over to standby supply.
· Number of outputs 12, 14 (1RU) or 24 (2RU)
· Sequenced or non sequenced
· Front panel control option – rocker switch, paddle
switch, no switch or meter
· Maximum total load 20 amps (standard units)
· 220/230V AC operation
· Max load on any output 6 amps

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