Hi Tech Systems HT884 4 VTR and disk Controller

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  • Model Number: HT884
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The Hi Tech HT800 series of VTR and DDR controllers provide a user-friendly remote control interface for professional and broadcast videotape and disk recorders.

As of software version 4.00, a new type of wheel has been fitted. This now improves the overall performance of the controller. Jog/Shuttle and Var modes are accessible from the buttons on the controller above the wheel.

There are three basic models, a standard desktop model with a crafted shuttle/jog control, an enhanced model which adds a direct entry keypad and a deluxe Slo-Motion Controller that adds a key pad and a TBar control arm.Hi Tech Systems HT884 4 VTR and disk Controller

Technical Details

Communication Format: RS-422-A  

Communication Channel: Full Duplex  

Data Signalling Rate: 38.4 Kb/s (K bits per second)  

Communication Protocol: SONY 9 pin RS422  

Serial connectors: RJ45 – 8 pin sockets  

VTRs controlled: VTRs that support the Sony RS422 9 pin protocol  

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