Hi Tech Systems HT445 actiV Filer Server Controller

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  • Brand: Hi Tech Systems
  • Model Number: HT445
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Hi Tech Systems HT445 actiV Filer Server Controller

Hi Tech Systems has developed a system of highly configurable control panels, called “asigN”, which can be connected to a wide range of equipment to provide push button switch control as an alternative to computer keyboards and mice. Using an optional intuitive Windows programme, buttons are assigned to the chosen functions of the connected hardware, and a variety of equipment can be connected to the same panel at the same time, via the various interface modules available.


Technical Details
  • Browse the server database for instant clip access
  • Scroll wheel for fast scrolling of clips and cues
  • Store/recall 2000 clips or 2000 cue in/out points
  • In/out trimming, non-destructive editing and clip scanning
  • Multi-channel operation for simultaneous multi-server control
  • Intelligent channel selection keys show clip ID, timeline and timecode information
  • Numeric keypad for fast and efficient number entry for clip selection and editing

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