Harris XHD6800+ SD-HD Aspect Ratio Converter

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The XHD6800+ is a reclocking high definition video distribution amplifier and high quality aspect ratio converter (ARC) that converts and processes HD SD signals in both video and audio domains. The XHD6800+ can accept HD-SDI video inputs with embedded audio and ancillary (ANC) data, with auto-detectable or user-selectable input standards.

The main output path provides ARC processing to an output standard identical to the input standard (SD-SDI 525 or 625 component video). In the conversion process, the audio and ANC data are delayed to ensure synchronicity with the output video. Additionally, the XHD6800+ provides a secondary path for reclocked HD-SDI signals.

Harris XHD6800+ SD-HD Aspect Ratio Converter

Technical Details

Important XHD6800+A features include the following:


• One auto-sensing, user selectable SD-SDI input with embedded audio data, closed captioning, and error monitoring • One analog composite genlock input with support for tri- and bi-level sync and user-selectable internal 75 ohm load termination (jumper); external genlock source

• Four GPI lines (with the optional GPIO-capable back module only)

• Output

• Two equalized and reclocked SD-SDI outputs of the SDI input (one output if using the optional GPIO-capable back module)

• Two SD-SDI outputs carrying the same program signal with embedded audio

• Two configurable SD-SDI outputs carrying either program or key signals, and including configurable OSD (on-screen display of parameter values)

• Downstream audio delay output

• Selectable output standard and format

• Two GPO lines (with the optional GPIO-capable back module only)

• Video Processing • Aspect Ratio Conversion (ARC) using high quality 10-bit video processing

• Motion adaptive deinterlacing for exceptional vertical resolution; also includes diagonal processing

• Film 3:2 pulldown detection

• Configurable picture-resizing ARC (H/V size, H/V position)

• Smooth ARC transition

• Advanced cropping with separate controls for top, bottom, left and right

• Ten factory ARC presets (4:3, 14:9, 16:9, and 21:9 with letterbox and pillar-box modes)

• Variable ARC with five user presets • Internally-generated background—select one of eight colors

• Propagation delay of one frame through the scalar, and support for up to seven frames of delay through the video path

• ANC Processing

• Transfer of closed captioning information across the frame synchronizer and scalar

• WSS, VI and AFD processing: signaling, handling and insertion

• VBI transparency

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