HARRIS VDA6800+ Analog Video Distribution Amplifier with VDA6800+D rear connector double-slot

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  • Brand: Harris
  • Model Number: VDA6800+
  • Product Code: BS19024
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The VDA 6800+ is an analog video distribution amplifier set in the new 6800+ family. These DAs feature high video performance, low cost, and remote control.

The HARRIS leitch VDA6800+ distribution amplifier can be used in broadcast, cable, production, educational, and auditorium applications where a low cost method of distributing analog video signals is required. 

Technical Details
  • The VDA6800+ is a high-performance, cost-efficient, general-purpose analog video distribution amplifier. Composite and component analog NTSC, PAL, SECAM signals (with sync or without sync), subcarrier, and coaxial version AES digital audio signals can be amplified with the VDA6800+ in FR6802+ series frames. Other VDA6800+ features include the following:
  •  One differential input
  •  Eight outputs with dual slots back module, four outputs with single slot back module when installed in FR6802+X(F) frames; eight outputs when installed in FR6802+DM(F) frames
  •  DC input coupling
  • Looping and internal terminating selectable with dual-slot back module, internal terminating with single slot back module with FR6802+X(F) frames; looping or internal terminating selectable with FR6802+DM(F) frames (see Figure 2-7 on page 21 for instructions on setting this jumper)
  •  ± 3dB gain adjustable range
  •  > 50 MHz bandwidth
  • Module presence reporting via +Pilot Lite control system
  • Hot-swappable

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