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Harris SFS6803+HD AES4 Audio/Video Frame Synchronizer

Harris - SFS6803 +HD+AES4
Harris - SFS6803 +HD+AES4
Harris - SFS6803 +HD+AES4
Harris - SFS6803 +HD+AES4
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Harris - SFS6803 +HD+AES4
Harris - SFS6803 +HD+AES4
Harris - SFS6803 +HD+AES4
Harris - SFS6803 +HD+AES4
Harris SFS6803+HD AES4 Audio/Video Frame Synchronizer
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  • Model: SFS6803 +HD+AES4

Harris SFS6803+ with HD and AES4 options 

SFS6803+ 3G/HD/SD Audio/Video Frame Synchronizer 

The SFS6803+ 3G/HD/SD video frame synchronizer is an auto-timing serial digital frame synchronizer and audio synchronizer processing module for the 6800+™ frame.

The module provides video frame synchronization and delay for 3G/HD/SD signals and can be used in any broadcast, post-production, cable or mobile facility where processing and synchronization of SD or HD video and audio (embedded and/or discrete) signals are required. The SFS6803+ has the capability to retime an I/O signal to a local station clock for the clean processing of all synchronized signals

Technical Details


▪ Video frame and audio sync with genlock support

▪ Full 3 Gb/s support

▪ Audio embedder and de-embedder

▪ Seamless sound functionality: audio embedding on loss of video

▪ Fastswitch feature allows for clean/quiet output on hot switch at the input with no output frame freeze

▪ Dolby® header adjustment

▪ Fiber TX or RX

▪ 8 AES unbalanced inputs and outputs — balanced AES supported via external balun adapters

▪ 10-bit video processing

▪ Passes all HANC samples

▪ Passes VANC with user-selectable option for VBI/ANC line-by-line video deleting

▪ Up to 8 frames of HD and 50 frames of SD video delay

▪ Ability to embed AES on output (fiber or SDI) without video source or genlock

▪ Ability to de-embed metadata and embed external metadata