HARRIS QSEE6800+HS Signal Monitor Video and Thumbnail Streamer

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HARRIS QSEE6800+HS Signal Monitor Video and Thumbnail Streamer

HARRIS QSEE6800+HS offers a comprehensive way to monitor overall signal quality using both streaming video and customizable alarms. The QSEE6800+H accepts, monitors, and simultaneously displays thumbnails of each input HD/SDI video signal.

It collects and presents monitored data, alarms, audio level data, and thumbnails over Ethernet to the CCS Navigator or Pilot software interface. Thumbnails of up to eight inputs per module can be viewed simultaneously at a frame rate of up to two frames per second. 

Technical Details


• Up to eight independent HD-SDI/SD-SDI input channels, where each input can be any supported video standard

• Alarms for HD/SD video presence and quality, embedded audio (16 channels), and closed captioning presence

• SQM-customizable alarm criteria for each input including the following:

• Choose which alarms to monitor independently for each input

• Assign alarm priority and alarm threshold levels

• Receive reported alarm conditions over SNMP (optional)

• Thumbnails for each of the input video signals

• View at up to two frames per second

• Configure thumbnail resolution: 3 preset resolutions for SD and 3 preset sizes for HD, with an aspect ratio fixed at 4×3 or 16×9 (based on video input format)

• Select the line for which a waveform or vectorscope is generated (for each input) and view it at one of the preset thumbnail sizes

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