HARRIS Predator II ZP2-HD16-GX 16 Input 2RU multiviewer system DUAL OUTPUT with Z-Configurator Software

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  • Brand: Harris
  • Model Number: ZP2-HD16-GX
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The HARRIS Predator II ZP2-HD16-GX is more than just an HD multiviewer — it is a complete HD control and monitoring solution. It features auto-sensing support for multiple input standards and a modular architecture that allows smaller models to be expanded as demand grows.

Combining pristine-quality images, easy-to-use editing software and an array of standard video and audio monitoring capabilities, the Platinum Predator II-GX also offers extensive ancillary data decoding capabilities. An optional computer graphics card allows for the addition of test, monitoring or control sources onscreen as part of the multi[1]image display.

HARRIS Predator II ZP2-HD16-GX 16 Input 2RU multiviewer system DUAL OUTPUT with Z-Configurator Software

Technical Details
  • Integrated audio monitoring capabilities— onscreen ballistic meters and alarming features; embedded audio monitoring for up to 16 sources per video source (standard); and discrete analog and AES monitoring options.
  • 2RU model includes a dedicated audio monitor output in simultaneous analog and AES
  • Decodes aspect ratio data (AFD or WSS) to display sources correctly onscreen; a range of screen aspect ratio and safe area markers help support monitoring a multi-aspect ratio production
  • Extensive alarm monitoring capabilities — ability to monitor numerous video and audio faults such as loss, freeze, black, metadata loss, audio silence or over level; range of response options including onscreen notification, SNMP messaging and GPO trigger
  • Supports for dynamic UMD and tally indicator via a number of industry-standard protocols
  •  Direct communication with the Platinum™ router to display source and/or destination names for each input from Platinum
  •  Decode and display of Closed Caption data (608/708) on any video source
  •  Multiple-clock display in different formats, with options to sync to LTC, NTP or PC time sources
  • Up and down timer support with various trigger options D-VITC decoding for display of embedded time code on video Downloading and display custom bitmaps; allows information display or branding capability

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