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The Platinum routing switcher system provides matrix expandability beyond 8×8, to 512×512 in a single frame. The 8×8 building block provides ideal growth and flexibility for mixed applications such as high definition and serial digital interface, and other integrated processing opportunities such as analog and/or digital conversion. With its ability to route signals ranging from 3.0 Mb/s to 2.97 Gb/s, the Platinum router offers a clear growth path from lower bit rate signals to high bandwidth, high definition format signals. This router will also handle both AES and polarity sensitive ASI/SSI signal formats.

The Platinum router is available in these frame sizes:

  • The 5RU (PM-FR-5) frame supports matrices up to 72×64.
  • The 9RU (PM-FR-9) frame supports matrices up to 128×128.
  • The 15RU (PT-FR-15) frame supports matrices up to 256×256.
  • The 28RU (PT-FR-28) frame supports matrices up to 512×512.

Technical Details
  • SDTV/HDTV/AES core routing: The Platinum wideband digital multirate routing switcher can be used as an on-air router for up to 512x512 applications; for example, core facility routing, master control distribution, transmission solutions, etc.
  • SD to HD migration: The Platinum wideband digital multirate routing switcher will pass and reclock both standard SD (including 143, 177, 270, 360, and 540 Mb/s) and HD (1.485 Gb/s) signals, which allows you to route both SD and HD signals in the same router. Consequently, it provides you with a high degree of investment protection, in that an SD facility could easily migrate to HD without the need to replace the router.
  • AES/EBU digital audio, SD, and HD in the same platform: The Platinum wideband digital multirate routing switcher can switch signals from 3 Mb/s to 1.5Gb/s, thereby providing a truly digital signal diagnostic solution. The Platinum I/O boards will route digital audio, SD and HD. Now you can route nearly any digital audio or video signal within the same router platform.

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