HARRIS OP+HMT+13D Dual 8 HD SD-SDI TDM Fiber Transmitter

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  • Brand: Harris
  • Model Number: OP+HMT+13D
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HARRIS OP+HMT+13D Dual 8 HD SD-SDI TDM Fiber Transmitter

2­channel HD/8­channel SD, TDM fiber transmitter, 1310 nm FP, double­slot SC­type rear connector

The OP+HMT modules provide highdensity transport of digital video signals over fiber using time division multiplexing (TDM) technology. These modules are capable of transporting up to two HD­SDI or eight SD­SDI/DVB­ASI signals over a single optical fiber. Occupying two slots within the 6800+ frame, this solution allows for up to 20 independent HD­SDI or 80 independent SDSDI/DVB­ASI signals in a single 2RU frame. OP+HMT modules (when paired with the OP+HDR) can transport: Two HD­SDI Eight SD­SDI/DVB­ASI One HD­SDI plus four SD­SDI Fiber optic transmitters are available in both 1310 nm FP and 16 coarse wave­length division multiplexing (CWDM) DFB wavelengths. Fiber optic receivers are available in both PIN (standard) and APD (high­sensitivity) options.

Technical Details

Product Features

One fiber output — either single­ or multimode

Available in 1310 nm FP and CWDM DFB wavelength options

Eight BNC inputs with automatic cable equalization and reclocking

Passing of unmodified vertical and horizontal ancillary data

Video thumbnail streaming for confidence monitoring


Complete module status monitoring via card­edge LEDs

Occupies two slots in the 2RU FR6802+QXFE 6800+ frame or the standalone FR6800+MB 6800+ Mix Box

Optional CCS Navigator™ applications for remote Ethernet

PC­based status monitoring and control

Standard SC/PC­type fiber optic connector

Optional FC/PC­type or ST/PC­type fiber optic connector


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