HARRIS OP+HDR+D Dual 8 HD SD-SDI TDM Fiber Receiver

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  • Brand: Harris
  • Model Number: HARRIS OP+HDR+D
  • Product Code: BS18245
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HARRIS OP+HDR+D Dual 8 HD SD-SDI TDM Fiber Receiver

These modules are capable of transporting up to two HD-SDI or eight SD-SDI/DVB-ASI signals over a single optical fiber. Occupying two slots within the 6800+ frame, this solution allows for up to 20 independent HD-SDI or 80 independent SD-SDI/DVB-ASI signals in a single 2RU frame.

OP+HMT modules (when paired with the OP+HDR) can transport:

  • Two HD-SDI
  • Eight SD-SDI/DVB-ASI
  • One HD-SDI plus four SD-SDI

Fiber optic transmitters are available in 1310 nm FP. Fiber optic receivers are available in both PIN (standard) and APD (high-sensitivity) options.


  • One fiber output — either single- or multimode
  • Available in 1310 nm FP
  • Eight BNC inputs with automatic cable equalization and reclocking
  • Passing of unmodified vertical and horizontal ancillary data
  • Video thumbnail streaming for confidence monitoring
  • Hot-swappable
  • Complete module status monitoring via card-edge LEDs
  • Occupies two slots in the 2RU FR6802+QXFE 6800+ frame or the standalone FR6800+MB 6800+ Mix Box
  • Optional CCS Navigator applications for remote Ethernet PC-based status monitoring and control
  • Standard SC/PC-type fiber optic connector

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