Harris NetPlus M300-PRO-S2 High Definition Integrated Decoder HD-SDI DVBS 2

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Harris NetPlus M300-PRO-S2 High Definition Integrated Decoder HD-SDI DVBS 2

The netPlusTM Model 300 High-definition decoder builds upon the industry renowned Model 200 High definition integrated satellite receiver/decoder. this MPeG-2 receiver/decoder provides contribution-quality audio and video performance over the widest variety of signals and formats.

the netPlusTM High-definition receiver/decoder features compact packaging, while packing in industry standard transport stream interfaces and an L-Band dVB-s2-capable tuner/demodulator with up to four inputs. the netPlusTM Hd-ird also includes options for dVB-compliant descrambling, integrated dolby e audio decoding, and multiple methods of system configuration and control. netPlusTM is the industry-proven solution for high- performance distribution and delivery.

Technical Details
  • Decodes a range of worldwide video industry formats (1080I and 720P at 50 Hz* and 59.94 Hz) in both the 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 formats
  • L-Band satellite tuner and decoder supports DVB-S (QPSK) and DVB-S2 modes
  • Supports industry standard DVB fixed-key decryption (BISS modes 0, 1, and E)
  • Support for DVB Conditional Access systems including integral smart-card reader (consult factory for supported CA vendors)
  • Dual HD-SDI SMPTE-292M video outputs each with embedded audio and VANC data reinsertion
  • Video and audio outputs optionally resynchronized to house reference input
  • Two streams internal audio decoding supporting DolbyTM AC-3 and MPEG audio formats
  • Optional integrated DolbyTM E decoding capability for four stereo pairs, including timebase correction to local reference and re-embedding the decoded audio into the HD-SDI output.

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