Harris MXA-3901-A 4 Analog Audio to SDI Multiplexer

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  • Brand: Harris
  • Model Number: MXA-3901-A
  • Product Code: BS18472
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Harris MXA-3901-A 4 Analog Audio to SDI Multiplexer

The MXA-3901 provides audio multiplexing into 270Mb/s streams. Accommodation for analog and digital audio interfaces, both balanced 110 Ohm and balanced 75 Ohm are provided. Two stream and four stream AES versions are available. The two stream versions provide processed outputs as well. An integrated audio processing amplifier provides gain, invert, swap, sum and delay functions. This module, as is the case with all modules in the NEO family, can be controlled locally via a front-edge display or by remote communications allowing for remote control, monitoring and diagnostics using hardware control panels and/or a GUI.

Technical Details

Analog and digital audio multiplexing into SDI

Balanced and unbalanced AES versions available either 2 or 4 channel

Audio processing amplifier included

Built-in audio delay

Selectable 16 / 20 / 24 bit audio processing

Passes compressed audio data, ie: Diamond,DOLBY-E,  (digital versions only)

Command Control System (CCS) Enabled

Intelligent settings recovery system

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