Harris JLCooper ES-450 J2 RS-422 Dual Channel Jog/Shuttle Remote

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The JLCooper ES-450 J2 RS-422 Dual Channel Jog/Shuttle Remote is an independent machine controller with a dual channel RS-422 interface for controlling 2 VTRs (video-tape recorders), DDRs (direct-to-disc recorders) or server channels. It is ideal for professional and semi-professional VTRs / DDRs that support Sony 9-pin protocol (P2 protocol).Featuring an ergonomic design, the JLCooper Dual Channel remote has a concentric jog wheel and shuttle ring that allow convenient picture search operations. The function buttons have a natural-feeling key arrangement with clear labels and the transport keys are easily reachable. It is equipped with a numeric keypad for direct time-code entry, a backlit LCD for time-code display, and supports drop, non-drop, VITC/LTC, and CTL time-codes.

The JLCooper Dual Channel Jog/Shuttle remote allows for remote track arming and forward/reverse frame bumps. It features 7 locate points for sending transports instantly, and supports 24/25/29.97/30 fps. Besides being compatible with 9-pin equipped VTRs / DDR's, the Jog/Shuttle remote also supports servers from Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Doremi, Grass Valley, Harris, and others.

Technical Details
ConstructionAll metal construction
Control InterfaceTwo channel RS-422 (9-pin)
Dimensions6.5 x 10.5 x 3.5" (165 x 267 x 89mm)
Weight4 lbs (1.8kg)

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