HARRIS HSE6800+ HD Serial Digital Video Distribution Amplifiers with HSE6800+S back connector

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  • Brand: Harris
  • Model Number: HSE6800+
  • Product Code: BS19025
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HSE6800+ are SD/HD serial digital video distribution amplifiers in the 6800+ family

The leitch harris HSE6800+ is an SD/HD serial digital video distribution amplifier with a cable equalizing and reclocking.

Both distribution amplifiers feature high video performance, low cost, remote control, and diagnostic capability in our control system.

You can set up, control, and monitor the HSD/HSE6800+ either locally via a card-edge jumper or remotely on a PC. For remote control, you can use either a serial RS-232 or an optional ICE6800+ Ethernet connection.

Technical Details

Main Features Other HSD/HSE6800+ features include the following:

  • One input, eight outputs for the dual-slot back module; or one input, four outputs for the single slot back module
  • Input signal presence detect
  • Automatic cable equalization
  • Alarm output
  • Automatic/manual reclock rate

setting at 143 Mb/s, 177 Mb/s (manual only), 270 Mb/s SDI and ASI, 360 Mb/s, 540 Mb/s; and 1.485 Gb/s (HSE6800+ only)

  • Reclocking status report (HSE6800+ only)
  • Automatic/enforced bypass (HSE6800+ only)

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