HARRIS HSD6800+ HD Equalizing Distribution Amplifier with HSD6800+S 1x4 back connector

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  • Brand: Harris
  • Model Number: HSD6800+
  • Product Code: BS19028
  • Quantity in stock: 38
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HSD6800+  are SD/HD serial digital video distribution amplifiers in the 6800+ family:

The Leitch Harris HSD6800+ is an SD/HD serial digital video distribution amplifier with a cable equalizing.

HSD6800+ distribution amplifiers feature high video performance, low cost, remote control, and diagnostic capability in our control system.

You can set up, control, and monitor the HSD6800+ either locally via a card-edge jumper or remotely on a PC. For remote control, you can use either a serial RS-232 or an optional ICE6800+ Ethernet connection.

Technical Details
  • Main Features Other HSD/HSE6800+ features include the following:
  • One input, eight outputs for the dual slot back module; or one input, four outputs for the single slot back module
  • Input signal presence detect  Automatic cable equalization
  • Alarm output
  • Automatic/manual reclock rate setting at 143 Mb/s, 177 Mb/s (manual only), 270 Mb/s SDI and ASI, 360 Mb/s, 540 Mb/s; and 1.485 Gb/s (HSE6800+ only)
  • Reclocking status report (HSE6800+ only)
  • Automatic/enforced bypass (HSE6800+ only)

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