Harris HFS6801+ Auto-sensing HD/SD-SDI Video Frame Synchronizer/Processor, with double-slot rear connector HFS6801+D

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The HFS6801+D is an auto­sensing HD/SD­SDI video frame synchronizer/processor designed to handle ingest and re­timing of HD or SD­ SDI video in relationship to the local clock in any broadcast/professional facility.

The video processing amplifier corrects input levels and provides adjustments for black level, luminance level, and chrominance level. Part of the 6800+™ core processing platform the, module provides a number of user settings that allow the user to finely tailor his or her operation to meet specific needs.

The module can be set to two modes of operation: Synchronization or Delay. In either mode, almost eight frames of delay can be selected for 1080i standards and almost 16 frames for 720p standards.

The module provides one auto­sensing HD/SD­SDI input, four processed outputs, and two outputs reclocked from the input signal. An external genlock input is provided, as well as in internal genlock bussed from the frame genlock input.

leitch Harris HFS6801+D

Technical Details
  • Auto-sensing HD or SD-SDI input
  • 10-bit signal processing for high quality
  • User adjustments include H phase, V phase, black level, luminance gain, Cb gain, and Cr gain
  • Video delay of up to eight frames less two lines for 1080i standards, and 16 frames less two lines for 720p standard
  • In delay, mode passes VANC (vertical ancillary) and HANC (horizontal) data, including compressed audio such as Dolby® E
  • When input video is hot switched, the module cleanly handles the output video
  • Internal test generator can output color bars for the signal path testing
  • Card-edge LEDs to indicate video input presence/standard, genlock presence, and when output video is frozen

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