Harris FR-3923 with 6 XHD-3902-UCD cards HD up/down/cross converter

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Harris FR-3923 with 6 XHD-3902-UCD cards HD up/down/cross converter

XHD-3902-UCD Advanced Broadcast-quality HDTV Converter

Dual switchable SDI inputs

Single-channel motion-adaptive HDTV up / down / cross converter

Supports conversion between 720p,1080i and 525 and 625 formats formats

AES audio support (optional), 2 groups of embedded audio proc standard

Integrated video proc, audio proc and noise reduction

Separate sidebar key channel output to feed

downstream keyer

Remapping of closed captioning

Dual input protection switching

Automatic SD / HD input format detection

SDTV aspect ratio conversion capability

Broadcast facilities today are tasked with accommodating and converting a variety of signal types, while still faced with ever-present budget constraints. Video quality is also a critical concern in this changing environment. The need for dense, cost-effective, high-quality signal processing solutions has never been greater.

Harris provides a comprehensive portfolio of advanced signal processing solutions that meet and exceed these industry requirements. Offering the broadest range of products to fit all needs and budgets, Harris provides maximum flexibility at the best price point.



Technical Details

Key Technology

HDTV Glue™

Broadest range of functions for every design requirement and budget

HD Conversion

Most comprehensive range of applications covering video, audio, and ancillary metadata

Fiber Optics

Extending the reach and flexibility of Harris signal processing


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