HARRIS DHSE6800+ Dual HD Serial Digital reclocking Video Distribution Amplifier with DHSD/DHSE6800+ 2x4 back connector

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  • Brand: Harris
  • Model Number: DHSE6800+
  • Product Code: BS19032
  • Quantity in stock: 10
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The HARRIS DHSE6800+ HD / SD dual serial digital video distribution amplifiers provide two channels of HD / SD-SDI video distribution with cable equalizing and reclocking

The HARRIS leitch DHSE6800+dual distribution amplifier provides 4 outputs for each input (two 1×4s), and provide a method that allows for a single channel distribution amplifier with 8 outputs (one 1×8). Both distribution amplifiers feature high video performance, low cost, remote control, and diagnostic capability in Leitch’s control system.

You can set up, control, and monitor the HARRIS DHSE6800+ either locally via a card-edge jumper or remotely on a PC. For remote control, you can use either a serial RS-232 or an optional ICE6800+ Ethernet connection.

Technical Details

DHSD / DHSE6800+ features include the following:

  • Configurable as a 1×8 or as a dual 1×4 distribution amplifier
  • Automatic cable equalization on inputs
  •  Identical polarity for ASI compliance
  •  Automatic switching from input 1 to input 2, when a loss of signal is detected on input 1 and Loss Of Signal switching is enabled
  •  Feedback status reports input signals present
  •  Card edge control by jumpers with LED feedback
  • Remote control with status and alarm

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