HARRIS AVS6800+C2D Audio Delay and Video Frame Synchronizer

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HARRIS AVS6800+C2D Audio Delay and Video Frame Synchronizer

The AVS6800+C2, B2 is a single module for audio and video synchronization, which synchronizes AES audio signals with an associated video signal. A DARS and genlock reference inputs provide for AES-11 compliance.

AES input and output ports provide full 24-bit capability, as well as, compressed (Diamond, DOLBY-E) pass-through capability. One SDI input with two outputs is provided. This module can be controlled locally via a front-edge set of a Rotary Hex Switch and CCI Switch or by remote communications allowing for remote control and monitoring using GUI. This module can be used in combination with other 6800+ modules to provide added video and audio capabilities such as audio tracking delay and hot-switching.

Technical Details


Video Frame Synchronization Section Features:

– Full featured 10 bit serial 4:2:2 Frame synchronizer

– 2 Processed and 1 re-clocked outputs

– Removes low frequency jitter from 270Mb/s video

– Passes all ancillary data including embedded audio, VBI (HANC and VANC)

– Infinite Phasing relative to reference (both V and H)

– GPI freeze control

– 1 Frame Delay buffer

– Delay or Synchronize Modes

– Control spec compliant for control and monitoring

 Audio Delay Synchronization Section Features:

– Frame-store tracking and system delay operation

– Balanced (and unbalanced stuffing option) DARS input

– Genlock reference input (internal and external)

– Variable delay operation (1.2 sec)

– 2 channel stuffing option 24 bit digital audio input

– 75 or 110 ohm AES output available

– Audio monitoring output

– Sample frequency cafn be locked to the DES-6804, DES6800+ and VFS6800+ video references.

– Minimum tracking delay of 1.3 seconds

– Audio adjustment Proc amp for levels and mute

– AES input and output provide full 24 bit capability

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