HARRIS ARG6800+ Remote Gain, Signal Activity Analog Audio DA, with dual rear connector panel using 10 x 3-pin audio connector

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  • Brand: Harris
  • Model Number: ARG6800+
  • Product Code: BS18247
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The ARG6800+ analog audio remote gain distribution amplifier (DA) is a high-performance amplifier that offers remotely controlled audio gain that can be increased for specific applications.

Control is selectable to either remote or local. Flat frequency response, carefully controlled roll-off and very low distortion ensure a virtually transparent transmission path. The harris leitch imagine ARG6800+ DA is designed for use in the 6800+™ modular core processing platform.

The input is over-voltage protected up to 120 V AC or DC. The transformerless, balanced input is normally bridging, but can be terminated by installing a suitable resistor. Unbalanced input is converted to balanced output. Isolation between modules in the mounting frame is better than 90 dB over the entire audio frequency band.


Technical Details
  • Balanced inputs and outputs
  • Remote control for mute settings
  • Remote indication for channel state and overload
  • Remote and local control for independent channel gain adjustment Local control for selecting output configuration

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