HARRIS AES6800+C AES/EBU Audio Distribution Amplifier ( balanced) SDI backpanel 1x4

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  • Model Number: AES6800+C
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AES6800+C is a digital audio distribution amplifier module set in the new 6800+ family. The AES6800+ features cable auto-equalization, data reclocking, and incoming data error detection and reporting. The error detection and reporting features use front-mounted LEDs and an external alarm reporting. Housed in an FR-6802+ series frame, this distribution amplifier meets the AES interface standards according to SMPTE 276M, AES3 1992 (r 1997), and AES3 id-2001.

These DAs feature high audio performance, low cost, remote monitoring, and diagnostic capability in our control system.

You can set up and monitor the AES6800+ locally via DIP switches. You can monitor error signals and card status remotely on a PC. For remote monitoring, you can use either a serial RS-232 or optional ICE6800+ Ethernet connection.

The AES6800+C is a coaxial 4- or 9-output AES/EBU digital audio distribution amplifier. It uses serial transmission format over 75 coaxial cable per SMPTE 276M.

Technical Details
  • Available in balanced (AES6800+B) and coaxial (AES6800+C) I/O formats
  • Distribution of one signal input into four or nine isolated outputs
  • Input signal lock detect
  • Automatic or manual EQ
  • Sampling frequency from 30 kHz to 192 kHz
  • Bypass mode for non-AES signals of < 30 MHz @ 50% duty cycle
  • Automatic reporting of data or signal quality errors, such as q CRC errors
  •     Validity
  •     Confidence
  •     Biphase encoding errors
  •     Parity errors

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