HARRIS ADC6800+A4BC 4-Channel Audio Analog to Digital Converter with Delay

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  • Brand: Harris
  • Model Number: ADC6800+A4BC
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ADC6800+A4BC and ADS6800+A4BC modules provide four balanced analog audio channel inputs, two AES unbalanced (coax) audio outputs, and two AES balanced audio outputs. They also provide a balanced and unbalanced DARS reference input.

ADC/ADS6800+A4BC modules can be controlled locally (via card edge) or controlled and monitored remotely with CCS™ software applications such as +PilotLite™, Pilot, and Navigator, or CCS-compliant remote control panels and products.

The back connectors for ADC/ADS6800+A4BC modules require two frame slots within a frame, and provide for balanced and unbalanced connections.

ADS6800+A4BC modules accept audio tracking delay and a hot-switching signal from 6800+ video modules with synchronizers (DES6800+, ENS6800+, and VFS6800+).


Technical Details

Common ADC/ADS6800+A4BC features include the following:

•Fixed audio delay operation of up to 1.3 sec @ 48 kHz sampling rate for each input channel

•Auto tracking delay capability with 6800+ video synchronizer modules (ADS6800+A4BC only)

•Internal audio processing amplifier with controls for gain, mute, invert, channel multiplexing, and channel resolution adjustment

•Internal audio test tone generators (750 Hz, 1.5 kHz, 3 kHz, and 6kHz)

•Compliance with AES11

•32/48/96 kHz sampling rate capability

•Selectable 16-bit, 20-bit, and 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion

•Two or four balanced analog audio inputs; 600Ω or high impedance (jumper selectable)

•Up to two pairs independent analog-to-digital conversion channels (two variations)

•Peak/silence/tone indication

•Selectable delay adjustment for each input channel

•External video and DARS reference input (video reference drawn from frame)


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