Harris 6800+QXF 2RU modular - without power supplies

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The new FR6822+QXFE, featuring an integrated Ethernet resource card, is the next-generation platform in the best-selling 6800+™ modular core processing series  This frame is designed to offer broadcast facilities advanced baseline communication and control of their networks via a built-in Web server. The FR6822+QXFE frames are capable of housing any mix of signal types, including HD-SDI, SDI, DVB-ASI, SMPTE-310M, single-mode and multi-mode fiber optics, AES/EBU (balanced and unbalanced), analog video and analog audio.

There are 20 slots for single- or multi-slot modules, with mating back connectors providing superior density of up to 20 modules in a single 2RU frame. Every shipment of the FR6822+QXFE frame includes an Ethernet resource (controller) card, an HTTP Web server for control, a single power supply source (ordered as either AC or 48 V DC) and a 30-day trial version of CCS Navigator™ (Windows®-based network control application)


Technical Details

Direct Ethernet connectivity (10/100BT) to the frame, allowing reduced slot space and device control by SNMP third-party, HTTP Web the browser and CCS™ applications

Module communication via an internal high-speed data bus for thumbnail and enhanced alarm monitoring on Q-SEE™-compliant modules

Capacity to hold up to 20 single-slot modules or equivalent, in any combination of module type

audio (balanced and unbalanced), fiber optics, Ethernet, serial data and RF

Hot-swappable front and back modules with front access

Backward-compatibility with all modules that operate on 6800+ QXF, XF and DM frames

Lightweight for outside broadcast applications

Full Q-SEE support, including thumbnails, customizable alarms, waveform, and vectorscope monitoring, and MPEG-4 streaming, for up to eight external inputs via the QSEE6800+HST module

Frame video genlock loop, high-performance passive loop-through

Support for two hot-swappable, redundant power supplies, each independently able to handle the complete frame power load (120 W); AC and DC power supplies can be mixed within one frame

Integral fan cooling with front to back primary airflow designed to support the full load at 50° C ambient, with no thermal stacking limitations

A variety of control methods to suit every operational environment: card-edge, CCS Navigator™ (PC-based control over Ethernet), HTTP Web browser, or third-party control systems via published SNMP MIBs for 6800+ modules


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