Harmonic PVR-7K Multifunctional Integrated Receiver Decoder HD/SD Card (1 RF Input)

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  • Model Number: PVR-7K
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Harmonic’s ProView 7000 also called PVR-7K is the industry’s  first single-rack-unit, scalable, multi-format integrated receiver- decoder (IRD) and MPEG stream processor. Featuring broadcast-quality SD and HD MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) video decoders, the ProView 7000 is ideal for full transport-stream distribution and contribution applications, including DVB scrambling and digital turnaround processing


Harnessing a Flexible and modular design, the PVR-7K  cost effectively addresses the vast spectrum of content reception applications, from single-channel decoding to descrambling and multiplexing of multiple transport streams. With an advanced and dense multi-channel descrambler, the ProView 7000 simpli es the deployment of (or migration to) an all-IP headend solution, and powers the launch of added- value services such as HD. The flexible hardware design can be easily recon gured by a Firmware upgrade, enabling seamless adaptation to new inbound video formats and codecs, such as the transition from SD MPEG-2 to HD AVC.

The PVR-7K supports a rich set of input options, ranging from multiple DVB-S/S2 to IP and DVB-ASI, allowing it to mesh with any headend architecture and enabling support for advanced content delivery redundancy schemes, such as primary satellite and backup IP network feeds.

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