HARMONIC Multifunctional Integrated Receiver Decoder Proview 7100 RF 1 input HD out SN 161224093

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HARMONIC Multifunctional Integrated Receiver Decoder Proview 7100 RF 1 input HD out SN 161224093

Technical Details

Fully Integrated Platform

The ProView 7100 combines all headend reception functionality — such as multiple transport-stream descrambling, multiformat and codec decoding, and any-to-any transcoding — with full remultiplexing capabilities, including PID filtering, remapping and table regeneration.

High-Fidelity Decoding

The ProView 7100 offers integrated MPEG-2 4:2:0 8-bit and AVC and HEVC 4:2:2 10-bit precision decoding for DVB-S/S2, DVB-ASI and IP applications, enabling content providers to decode content up to 1080p60** with pristine picture fidelity.

Superior Transcoding

The ProView 7100 can be equipped with two decoding or transcoding cards for SD/HD MPEG-2 and AVC formats. Harmonic’s industry-leading compression algorithms assure the distribution of superior-quality video for all added-value services, including HD and VOD.

Expanded Input Options

Able to simultaneously receive content over DVB-S/S2, ASI and IP, the ProView 7100 allows operators to maximize flexibility and optimize redundancy schemes.

Support for All-IP Infrastructures

The ProView 7100, in combination with the integrated Harmonic FLEX® decoder, enables an all-IP headend architecture, resulting in a more scalable and lower-cost transition to IP-based services.

T2-MI Deframing to MPEG TS

The ProView 7100 converts the PLPs (physical layer pipes) in a T2-MI stream into a regular transport stream. Up to four simultaneous T2-MI-to-TS conversions can be performed, eliminating the need to distribute separate TS for baseband decoding and for feeding the headend.

Broadcast-Quality Down-Conversion

The ProView 7100 performs HD down-conversion and aspect ratio adaptation to generate broadcast-quality baseband analog video and audio that can be easily integrated with existing cable network infrastructures.

Friendly Management

The ProView 7100 can be simply configured through a stand-alone interface or with Harmonic’s NMX™ Digital Service Manager for mass configuring, monitoring and automated redundancy in centralized or distributed architectures.

Advanced DSR Processing

The ProView 7100 performs regional program insertion in a national common multiplex at each DVB-T SFN transmission site. DSR supports CBR and VBR content replacement or insertion of any number of programs or PIDs. A special EAS mode is provided for emergency alert program switching.

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