Harmonic IELC9K Electra 9240 Universal

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  • Brand: Harmonic
  • Model Number: ELC-9200-CHS2-AC
  • Product Code: BS19649
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Harmonic IPTV ELC9K Electra 9240 Universal Multi-service Encoder 2x IOM-FLEX-DHC-1 

4 channel HD SD Video encorder with IP out 

Active Options.







1x    FW-ELC-9K-GBE-IN

Technical Details
  • High-quality, low-bitrate MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 AVC encoding of SD or HD video with Harmonic’s Hierarchical LookAhead and pre-processing technologies
  • Optional dual independently compressed outputs per input
  • Up to 8 broadcast services per chassis
  • Flexible internal video router feeds any audio/video processing module from any source
  • Broadcast-grade up/down converter and deinterlacer
  • Integrated statmux, or statmux over IP for LAN and WAN
  • High-quality integrated decoding with FLEX® technology option
  • Harmonic’s Iris advanced analytics for video quality monitoring
  • Rich audio functionality
  • 3DTV frame compatible

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