Harmonic Electra 8240 HD AVC 4 channel SD/HD MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 Encoder 2x IOM-FLEX-DHC-1 1x PRM-1K-IOM-GBE-0002

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  • Brand: Harmonic
  • Model Number: ELC-8240-HW-AC
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Harmonic Electra 8240 HD AVC 4 channel SD/HD MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 Encoder with 2x IOM-FLEX-DHC-1 1x PRM-1K-IOM-GBE-0002

Active license  

4x    FW-ELC 8K-PIP


4x    FW-ELC-8K-HD-AVC


Electra 8240 is a market-leading single rack-unit encoder with multi-resolution, multi-standard, multi-service, and multi-channel capabilities. The high-performance Electra 8200 significantly enhances bandwidth efficiency and provides up to four standard definitions (SD) or high definition (HD) channels of superior quality constant bit-rate (CBR) or variable bit-rate (VBR) video using either MPEG-2 or AVC encoding. The Electra 8200 adds a second encoding path on each channel that allows two independent compressed outputs from the same source. Its groundbreaking architecture and unrivaled feature have been proven to meet operational requirements of density and power efficiency, and facilitate the launch of new value-added video services.

Leveraging Harmonic’s expertise and market leadership, the Electra 8240  has proven itself as the most advanced encoding platform for Cable, Satellite, IPTV or Terrestrial applications available today.

The platform has been widely deployed for all MPEG-2 and AVC applications and compression platforms. The Electra 8240 has enabled the deployment of new services such as HD, and increases ROI on existing bandwidth. The flexible hardware platform can easily be reconfigured with a firmware upgrade for new applications, such as migrating from SD to HD.

Technical Details

    • High quality ultra-low bit-rate encoding with Hierarchical LookAheadTM and pre-processing
    • Common hardware - License options as needed
    • Up to 4 channels per chassis (1-RU)
    • Optional dual independently compressed output per input
    • Built-in broadcast quality up/ down-converter
    • High quality integrated decoding with FLEXTM technology option
    • Statmux over IP in LAN and WAN environments with DiviTrackIPTM
    • Integrated statmux with DiviTrackMXTM
    • 3DTV Frame Compatible Format capable
    • Microsoft Mediaroom Certified
    • MPEG-2 45 Mbps HD option

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