Harmonic DIVICOM MV 50 Encoder MV50

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  • Brand: Harmonic
  • Model Number: MV50
  • Product Code: BS16231
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Harmonic DIVICOM MV50 MPEG-2 Encoder


• Dual-pass LookAhead CBR/VBR encoding

• Analog and digital audio/video inputs

• ENRGY integrated noise reduction

• Motion compensated temporal filtering

• Non-linear spatial filtering

• Impulse noise reduction

• Edge adaptive texture filtering

• Noise level estimation

• Border processing

• DiviTrackXE: Intelligent Priority Control

• MPEG-LII and Dolby Digital™ (AC-3) audio encoding

• Up to six stereo/twelve mono audio pairs

• NMX Digital Service Manager support

• Single rack unit chassis

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