Grass Valley Newton Control Panel Newton Modular Control PN:610102000

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  • Brand: Grass Valley
  • Model Number: Newton
  • Product Code: BS18504
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By separating configuration and operational tasks, the Newton system can simplify your workflows significantly. Instead of painstakingly attaching a serial cable to the back of every modular product you need to initialize, you can use NetConfig to set baseline functional operational parameters over a network. Operators can make adjustments to those parameters using Newton control panels, without having to wade through complex configuration menus. The Newton system features two control panels: a rack-mounted version and a software-based version. You can have any combination of these panels on your network in any number. You configure these panels using a configuration plug-in application tool on the NetConfig application; you can also use this tool to restrict channel-path and device access on a panel-bypanel basis.

Grass Valley Newton Control Panel 

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