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The 8900NET (Net Card) Network Interface module is much more than a simple Ethernet adapter—it’s a complete Web server on a single module. The Web server embedded in the chipset creates Web pages for the frame and each module within it and distributes them over a standard Ethernet TCP/IP network.

For basic Web control of GeckoFlex modules, there is no need for you to purchase additional software or hardware—simply use a standard Web browser to view and control module and frame parameters. You can also use the 8900NET module in conjunction with the Newton modular control system. 

Technical Details

Key Features

  • Easy upgrade from card-edge local control to Ethernet network- based configuration, control, and monitoring

  • Choice of user interfaces—Web-browser, Newton control panels, or third-party solutions

  • Uses industry standard protocols including SNMP, HTTP, and TCP/IP

  • Compatible with all Gecko and GeckoFlex frames

  • Installs in separate card slot—leaves all 10 frame cells available for processing modules


    • Network-based control of GeckoFlex modules 

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