Grass valley LDK 4502 HD BASE STATION TRIAX and Lemo HD

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  • Brand: Grass Valley
  • Model Number: LDK 4502
  • Product Code: BS18843
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Grass Valley’s innovation and excellence in product design also extends to the programs we’ve established to manage the recycling of our products. Grass Valley has developed a comprehensive end-of-life product take back program for recycle or disposal of end-of-life products.

Grass valley LDK 4502 HD BASE STATION TRIAX and Lemo HD 

Technical Details
  • Low height: only 2U high, 19-inch rack unit.
  • Flexible due to its modular construction.
  • Teleprompter, color bar, digital HDTV outputs standard on board.
  • The digital transmission backbone and power module meet the most demanding broadcasting needs.
  • Heavy-duty concept with low power consumption, ideal for Outside Broadcast (OB) vans.
  • TriaxHD allows video transmission and remote control of cameras up to a distance of 1,200 m (4,000 ft) and beyond, using industry standard 14 mm (0.55 in) Triax cables.
  • Full camera control via the C2IP Ethernet-based network
  • Two-wire or four-wire intercom compatible with international standards.
  • HDTV and simultaneous high-quality SDTV outputs (optional).
  • High-end simultaneous SDTV outputs (both digital as well as analog) for a gradual and managed transition from SDTV to HDTV.

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