Grass Valley Kaleido-XQUAD-4 3G/HD/SD 4 input single output multiviewer (KMV-3911-8x2) upgradable to 8 input 2 outputs

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  • Brand: Grass Valley
  • Model Number: Kaleido-XQUAD-4
  • Product Code: BS18256
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Grass Valley Kaleido-XQUAD-4 3G/HD/SD 4 input single output multiviewer  (KMV-3911-8x2) upgradable to 8 input 2 outputs

Kaleido-XQUAD from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, is an easy-to-use, standalone, quad-split multiviewer that is ideal for high quality truck and studio monitoring. Offering superior display flexibility and space and energy efficiency, Kaleido-XQUAD uses a 1 RU half-width frame with silent ventilation for installation within studios. Suitable for the smallest installations, multiple Kaleido-XQUADs can be connected for much larger configurations as well. Kaleido-XQUAD-4 features four 3G/HD inputs and a single multiviewer output (HDMI/HD-SDI).

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