GRASS VALLEY CP-300 Control panel

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The CP 300 is a single bus control panel that can select one of 24 inputs. The push buttons illuminate to indicate status and can be fitted by the user with transparent labels. The panel is shipped with input and level labels as shown in Figure 2−43—any other labels must be created by the user (please see page 2−58 for more information about installing labels). The bus to be controlled is entered in the "Output Set" assigned on the MPK Devices table (page 5−107). Also entered on the MPK Device table is an Override Set for the panel; the Override Set (page 5−96) determines which button is as- signed to which source. The left−hand button of the CP 300 (the "0" button in Figure 2−43) will select the first input listed on the Override Set created and selected for this particular panel

Technical Details

Power supply requirements − A wall plug−in power supply is supplied with each 300 Series panel that will be used with

110 VAC 60 Hz power. Panels that are to be used in areas where 220VAC 50Hz power is the norm are not shipped with any

power supply; the user in these areas must provide a source of regulated 5 VDC power to each panel. The power requirement

is +5 VDC +/− 0.25 V at 600 mA. The power connector used on the 300 Series PC board is an RL11A (female) made by LZR

Electronics; Grass Valley part no. 30−005724−007.

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