GRASS VALLEY Acappella 16x2 VIDEO Router

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The Acappella line of small, single- and mixed-format routers is designed 
for myriad broadcast and production settings, including small studios, 
sports arenas, and space-constrained environments such as mobile produc-
tion trucks. The Acappella matrix frame is only 1 RU, and has a 14-inch 
(34.5 cm) depth for easy in-rack cabling.

The Acappella line supports local and remote control panels, via a built-in 
Ethernet connection. It also includes many control panel operational 
modes, such as destination gang, chop, panel enable, and destination pro-

An Acappella router comes ready to operate right out of the box—just plug 
it in and you can get right to work. It also supports Web browser based con-
figuration for fast, easy customization.

An Acappella router and remote control panels can also be integrated into 
a Grass Valley Prelude or Encore routing system. This manual covers stand-
alone Acappella systems. Refer to the separate Prelude and/or Encore doc-
umentation sets for system integration information.

Acappella software release v3.2.0 and higher support the Acappella model 
A84HR-CLP 8x4 HD Router with Clean Switch. This hardware provides 
frame sync capability on destinations DST 1 and DST 2 for applications 
requiring outputs timed to a single reference.

The Clean Switch hardware above is available for use with Grass Valley 
Indigo AV Mixer, to provide eight HD-SDI inputs. The Indigo models using 
this Acappella hardware are:

INDGO1-HR-8 – Indigo AV Mixer HR Input Expansion Option

INDGO1-HR-8-UPG – Indigo AV Mixer HR Expansion Upgrade

INDGO1-SDHR-8-UPG – Indigo AV Mixer HR Expansion Upgrade


Technical Details
  • Single- or multi-format models, supporting:
  • Wideband HD digital video from 4.0 Mb/s to 1.5 Gb/s
  • SD digital video
  • ASI data
  • AES/EBU digital audio
  • Analog Video (NTSC, PAL)
  • Analog Audio (balanced)
  • Many different frames available, ranging from 16 x 16 to 8 x 4.
  • Clean synchronous digital audio switching.
  • Redundant Power Supplies.
  • Integrated Local Panel.
  • Many different Remote Panels, ranging from 16 x 16 to 8 x 1.
  • Standard Ethernet interface.
  • Easy customization via Web browser or Grass Valley NetConfig soft-
  • Feature-rich digital audio processing, including sum, swap, invert, 
    silence generation.
  • Standard RS-422 serial port for computer control, automation interface, 
    and operations with Grass Valley Jupiter and Series 7000 systems.
  • Native Protocol support.
  • SNMP support.
  • Upgrade path for Ethernet operation with Grass Valley Prelude and 
    Encore systems.

A84HR-CLP 8x4 HD Router with Clean Switch - provides frame sync 
capability for two Acappella destinations. These outputs can be timed 
in reference to the distributed Genlock reference in the frame or from an 
external reference.

Optional Indigo AV Switcher Expansion, providing 8 HD-SDI inputs 
using the Clean Switch hardware above.


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