Grass valley AAP 4000 analog audio processor

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Grass valley AAP 4000 analog audio processor

The Grass valley Saturn product line contains modular analog, digital, and HDTV video processors which can be mixed in multichannel operation. The system also provides for multiple audio channels—analog, digital, or mixed—to handle any combination of signals. Saturn is designed to handle up to six audio channels for each video program feed, and up to 15 sets of video/audio program feeds can be controlled from a single control panel.

Stand–alone or Network Operation

A Saturn master control system can be equipped with internal or external switching matrices for stand alone operation—no external router is required. Internal versions are available in analog and digital signal formats.

For more complex systems, Saturn can be fed by dedicated outputs of a larger routing switcher, giving full on–air access to any signal source on the router. Networked systems can take advantage of the full flexibility of the Jupiter Control System to provide machine control capability and advanced router control such as pathfinding in mixed–format environments.

Multichannel Operation

Saturn provides a unique solution to the problem of efficiently controlling a multichannel operation by allowing a single control panel to be instantaneously switched among a number of on–air signal channels. As many as 15 separate channels


Technical Details
  • Multi–format – modular architecture allows mix of any combination of analog, digital or HD signal processors to meet current and future system requirements
  • Stand–alone operation or interface to routing switcher
  • Multichannel – 1 to 15 channel switching from one or more Saturn control panels provides control and monitoring flexibility
  • Audio metering – on–panel audio metering for PGM, PST and OFF AIR of currently selected channel
  • 16 user–assignable buttons – allows the operator to place the sources in the order that provides the most efficient layout for them
  • DVE option – internal still store, character generator and the ability to store up to 30 effects

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