Graham Patten Systems AES-DATS Converter Model 21 XLR M Audio to BMC Female

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 The DATS-21 converter can also be used to connect CD players and other consumer devices with S/PDIF digital outputs to balanced AES3 equipment and systems.
Because BNC connectors require less panel space than XLRs, routing switchers and other I/O intensive equipment are often equipped with AES3id I/O.  DATS converters facilitate the integration of balanced AES3 equipment into these systems.
DATS converters can be used in pairs (source and destination) to interconnect digital audio equipment with AES3 balanced I/O.  They can also be used to integrate professional audio equipment with AES3id unbalanced I/O into balanced AES3 systems.  

For error-free AES transmission over coaxial cable, upgrade your digital audio system with DATS converters.  These passive devices allow equipment with balanced AES I/O to be interconnected using 75Ω coaxial cable.  The result is error-free transmission over greater distances than is possible with twisted pair – up to 1000 feet or more with high quality coax.  Also, DATS converters facilitate the integration of professional equipment with AES3id I/O and consumer equipment with S/PDIF I/O into existing balanced AES systems.  The DATS-10 source converter includes an attenuator pad to ensure correct 4V AES to 1V AES3id levels are maintained.

Technical Details



Input connector Female XLR

Input impedance 110Ω

Output connector BNC

Output impedance 75Ω       


Input connector BNC

Input impedance 75Ω

Output connector Male XLR

Output impedance 110Ω MODELS 

AES to DATS       (source) converter


DATS to AES (destination) converter 

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