Gorgy Time Digital clock LEDICA 10.M.S Indoor / Single face

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Digital display with SMD bi-colour LEDs , combining design and a high precision technology worthy of a clock for professionals.

The digital clocks LED LEDI® of ranges and LEDICA® in their standard version consist of a matt anodized aluminum casing, a front anti-reflective and bi-colored emitting diodes to display the time in red, green, amber or blue and white depending on the version chosen.

Gorgy Timing LEDI® digital clock model has become a reference model for the time display.

The famous clock LEDI® 6/60, iconic model in the range of clocks diodes Gorgy Timing, created in 1974 by Maurice Gorgy, 
has evolved over the years and has benefited from technological advances and innovation to become the model LEDI® 7.60 we know today.

In many fields of applications, quality clocks LEDI® diodes refers for accuracy, clarity and strength.

The LED digital clocks are appreciated for their direct reading of the hour. They allow their users a quick read and instant high accuracy.

To meet the needs of its customers, Gorgy Timing offers its range of LED digital clocks for indoor and outdoor in different versions.

All these LED digital clocks can be broken down into specific and customized versions.

Technical Details


Power supply

230VAC/50-60Hz 115VAC/50-60Hz
Low voltage 12, 24 or 48 VDC
NTP POE (Power Over Ethernet)


CE, EN 60950, EN 55022, EN 50024, ROHS.

maximale :

14,99 VA




46 267 h.


Display : 5 min. CPU : 5 min.
Power supply : 5 min.


3,6 kg


930x210x62 mm (LxHxD)

Digit height

Hour/minute : 110 mm Second : 80 mm
Date : 50 mm (Alphanumeric display for day
and month)

Maximal distance of

40 meters

Shock resistance



-20° to 70°C

Electrical equipment

Class 2

Display / LED specifications
SMD Technology, Viewing Angle: 160°.

bi-colored LED (red green)

monochrome LED

Red : 245 mcd


Blue : 625 mcd

Green : 780 mcd

White : 625 mcd


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