Global Specialties 9004 4 Instrument Test Station

  • $540.00

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The 9004 combines some most needed Test Equipment in a very special way. It effectively gives you a 1 Hz to 110 MHz generator & a 60W Power Supply to power your test circuits. The professional will find it covers a broad spectrum of his test needs & the schools will see plenty of experiments with it. A very wide variety of experiments in Analog, Digital & RF can be performed with just this unit.

The unit is great for service or Test bench & also simple enough for a school lab. The touch of a button can select the 5 digit counter to accurately measure the Function Generator frequency, the RF Generator Freq or an External i/p signal. All functions are kept completely independent for FULL Functionality & there is no clutter of switches & knobs.

Global Specialties 9004 4 Instrument Test Station

Technical Details
with Adjustable Voltage and Current Limit
  • Unique combination of RF Generator,
  • Function Generator, Frequency
  • Counter & Power Supply
  • Independent yet simple operation
  • Excellent educational tool & service
  • gear for the Engineer
  • Logic Switch Operation is fast & easy
  • 100 KHz to 110 MHz RF Generator
  • 100 MHz, High Sensitivity Counter
  • with 5 Digit Display
  • 1 Hz to 1 MHz Function Generator
  • Variable 32 V, 2A DC Power Supply
  • Digital Readout for Voltage and Current
  • 3-year Warranty

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