Glensound GSOC26 1U Coaxial Base Station

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Glensound GSOC26 1U Coaxial Base Station

This system connects the GSOC26 1U base station to the GS-OC24 Commentators Box via a standard coaxial cable. All communications and program lines including the power for the commentator's box are carried by this connection. 

GSOC26 Commentary Control Unit


There is a front panel microphone for the engineer. International sound comes in via a rear panel ‘D’ connector.


An additional talkback circuit is available only to the engineer on the GS-OC26. All rear panel audio input/output are on ‘D’ type connectors. There are direct outputs of the 3 commentator inputs plus a mixed program output of all commentator inputs. A single common talkback output, plus the engineer's talkback output is available. The rear panel also features 2 outputs for local monitor speakers. The front panel has an output mixer to mix levels between the 3 commentary unit inputs, and the international sound. In addition, the front panel features two line idents, one for the program output and one for the co-ordination talkback circuit.


The engineer can monitor all audio via a front panel 6.35mm jack socket for headphones or via the rear panel monitor outputs for loudspeakers (audio on these is identical). The two channels each have a level pot for independent channel adjustment. The engineer can monitor all inputs and outputs via front panel push buttons which are pre-defined across the left or right monitoring channels. There is a 14 segment LED PPM meter.


The GS-OC26 has an internal switch-mode power supply 110-240v. 


The system links via coaxial cable. Using suitable cable, the GS-OC24 can be up 500m away from the GS-OC26. The link carries bi-directional audio, data, and remote power for the GS-OC24 via its cable connection, omitting the need for local power. Multiple GS-OC26s can also be linked for sharing of monitoring where one engineer can easily control multiple systems whilst being connected to only one.


There is a call function enabling the two main commentators, the engineer, and the co-ordinator to call each other.


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