Glensound GS-MPI005HD Voice Broadcaster Phone

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  • Brand: Glensound
  • Model Number: GS-MPI005HD
  • Product Code: BS17005
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The Glensound GS-MPI005HD a HD Voice Broadcasters' Mobile Phone. It is the rack mount version of the GS-MPI004HD.  For 7kHz HD Voice calls both ends of the link must be HD Voice compatible.  For this reason the GS-MPI005HD is normally the studio based unit, with the GS-MPI004HD as the portable unit.

The unit as supplied includes 1 x Glensound HD Voice phone module.  A further 2 phones can be added to allow 3 HD Voice modules in a 1u 19” rack.  Extra phones ordered as GS-MPI005HD/EP.

The GS-MPI005HD is available with a desk top remote. This allows the user to store the GS-MPI005HD in a rack room and operate it from a studio. For further information please see GS-MPI005HD/REMD.  A software remote is also available for direct PC control GS-MPI005HD/REMS

Technical Details
  • 7kHz and 3.5kHz audio bandwidth
  • Operates in 7kHz 3G (UMTS) mode and standard GSM 2G mode
  • Tri-colour signal strength meter
  • 3G (UMTS) Available indicator
  • Switch mode power supply (100V-240V). This will power all three phones
  • Upgrade unit by adding a 12V DC external power input
  • Easy to use
  • Use any networks SIM card (Needs a 3G (UMTS) network for Glensound HD Voice)
  • Available with 1, 2 or 3 mobile phone modules
  • Aerial upgrade from SMA to N-Type available
  • Balanced line input on XLR
  • Easy to set input level control
  • Balanced line output on XLR (this is the return feed froom the studio)
  • Output level adjustment
  • Sounder indicates incoming call (can be switched off)
  • Large LED flashes to indicate incoming call
  • Simple 9 memory phonebook with quick access to stored numbers
  • Available with remote (GS-MPI005HD/REMD)

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