Glensound CUB iPhone Audio Interface

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The Glensound CUB is a high quality audio interface for broadcasters. It is designed to provide a very high quality bi-directional digital audio link into iPhones, iPads, PCs, Macs and some Android phones. The mechanical design of the unit is highly robust makig it ideal for portable use by journalists, reporters, engineers and broadcasters. The Glensound CUB is powered either from batteries (4 x AA cells) or an external DC input. It does not supply power to recharge a mobile phone, this is because the phones charging power requirement would fairly quickly flatten the batteries in the CUB. Internally the Glensound CUB is a highly sophisticated digital mixer, it has 2 analogue inputs both of which pass through high quality analogue to digital converters and then these signals are handled and routed by the onboard DSP. This DSP then provides a bi-directional stereo digital audio signal to: a USB audio interface, a dedicated iPhone lightning connecter interface, a pair of analogue balanced line outputs and 2 separate headphone amplifiers. The digital audio link between the CUB and the connected device is a high quality fully Broadcast specification 48kHz 24 bit interface. Devices such as the Apple iPhone handle this audio format natively with no loss of audio quality. 

Technical Details
  • 2 channel mixer with mic/line/48vphantom inputs
  • Inputs have Glensound Referee compressor/limiter system
  • Inputs can be switched to output 1, 2 or both
  • 2 x master outputs on XLR
  • 2 channel audio input and output interface via USB
  • 2 x headphone outputs on 6.35mm jack sockets
  • Headphone monitoring with 3 sources (local inputs MIX, USB audio 1, USB audio 2
  • Headphone monitoring inputs have left/both/right switching
  • Two line outputs on balanced XLR
  • Audio routing configurable via USB
  • 4 x AA batteries or external DC power

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