Genelec 8040A active studio monitor

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  • Brand: GENELEC
  • Model Number: 8040A
  • Product Code: BS18866
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The Genelec 8040A is a compact bi-ampli- fied active monitor system with performance comparable to much larger systems. The 8040A takes full advantage of the unconventional design and advanced technologies of Genelec’s 8000 Series loudspeaker range.

The all-aluminium Minimum Diffraction Enclo- sureTM (MDETM) and advanced Directivity Control WaveguideTM (DCWTM) technologies are carefully matched with advanced amplifier and electronic circuitry and the latest drivers. Bass response has been widened down to 45 Hz (-3 dB) while distortion is substantially lower due to a uniquely new rear reflex port design. The system's excellent directivity character- istics and accurate imaging together with its compact size and flexible mounting options make the 8040A the perfect monitoring tool for a wide range of applications.

Technical Details
  • Near Field Monitoring
  • Audio Video Post Production
  • Mobile Vans
  • Home Theaters
  • Project / Home Studios
  • Digital Workstations
  • Multimedia Production and Playback

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