Genelec 8010 Bi-Amplified Active Monitor

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compact two-way active monitoring loudspeaker designed for professional applications. It contains drivers, power amplifiers, active crossover filters, and protection circuitry. The MDE™ (Minimum Diffraction Enclosure™) enclosure is made of die-cast aluminum and shaped to reduce edge diffraction. Combined with the advanced Directivity Control WaveguideTM (DCWTM), this design provides excellent frequency balance in difficult acoustic environments. If necessary, the bass response of 8010A can be extended with a Genelec subwoofer.

Genelec 8010 Bi-Amplified Active Monitor

Technical Details

Packing contents

Each 8010A is supplied with a mains cable and this operating manual.

Mounting considerations

Align the monitors correctly

Always place monitors so that their acoustic axes converge at ear height at the listening position (see Figures 1 and 2). Vertical orientation of monitors is preferred, as it minimises acoustical cancellation problems around the crossover frequency.

Maintain symmetry

Check that the monitors are placed symmetrically and at equal distance from the listening position. If possible, place the monitors so that the listening position is on the centerline of the room and the monitors are at an equal distance from the room centerline.

Minimise reflections

Acoustic reflections from objects close to the monitors, like desks, cabinets, computer monitors etc. can cause unwanted colouration and blurring of the sound image. These reflections can be minimised by placing the monitor away from such surfaces.

Minimum clearances

If the monitor is installed in a restricted space such as a cabinet or integrated into a wall structure, sufficient cooling for the amplifier and functioning of the reflex port must be ensured. A minimum clearance of 2.5 centimeters (1 in) behind, above and on sides of the monitor must be found. The space adjacent to the amplifier must either be ventilated or sufficiently large to dissipate heat so that the ambient temperature does not rise above 35 degrees Celsius (95°F)


Connect the mains cables only after you have completed connecting audio signal cabling. The 8010A has a balanced XLR 7 kOhm audio input connector. It can also be connected to an unbalanced RCA line level audio source with a suitable adapter cable your Genelec dealer can provide. As the 8010A contains amplifiers, no power amplifier is needed. Never connect 8010A to the loudspeaker outputs of a power amplifier, integrated amplifier, or receiver. When all audio connections are completed, connect the monitors to mains with the supplied mains cables. They will switch on automatically.

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