Gefen Extendit DVI CAT-5 Extender/R Extendit Receiver

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• The DVI CAT-5 Extender is housed in a metal box for better RF shielding. • Your CAT-5 cable should not exceed 150 feet. 

• If you don't need DDC data you can use a single CAT-5 cable for the video only. The DDC will not be connected. An additional 5 VDC power supply will be needed for the receiver side. 

• If the source requires EDID present, you can use the Gefen DVI Detective to provide EDID information. This will also provide an additional 5v power supply for the receiver side. 

* CAT6 cable is suitable for high resolutions at 50 meters. 


The DVI CAT-5 Extender sender unit sits next to your computer, DVD player or any set- top box with a DVI output. The cable supplied with the DVI CAT-5 Extender connects your DVI source to the send unit. The DVI CAT-5 Extender receiver unit sits next to your DVI display - up to 150 feet away. The display plugs into the back of the DVI CAT-5 Extender receiver unit. Two CAT-5 cables connect the DVI CAT-5 Extender-S and the DVI CAT-5 Extender-R units to each other. 

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