Gaines Audio 244 Balance Line Interface

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Put an end to interface problems

Our Model 244 Interface solves all common audio interface problems in one handy unit. Most people buy this interface to convert balanced lines to unbalanced, but it also addresses the problems of level and impedance matching.

Balanced input, unbalanced output

Most "semi-pro" and consumer equipment uses a standard operating level of -20 or -10 dBV. When you try to feed that equipment from a professional system operating at +4 you may find that you'll overload the semi-pro gear or be forced to operate its controls outside the normal range of adjustment. At best it's inconvenient, and at worst you'll sacrifice headroom and introduce distortion. The Model 244 allows easy adjustment of system gain with a simple turn of its front panel recessed gain trimmers, from unity gain to full attenuation. The balanced inputs are on Switchcraft XLR connectors and its outputs are on RCA jacks. Balanced lines help to keep noise out of your system by rejecting radio and TV signals as well as other RFI noise; that's why they're the standard in professional recording and broadcast installations. The Model 244's active balancing approach offers superior common mode rejection without the compromises associated with passive transformer designs.

Technical Details

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