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G & D KVM Switch CATCenter X8 G & D KVM Switch CATCenter X8
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Brand: G & D Model: CATCenter X8
G & D KVM Switch CATCenter X8The manufacturer Guntermann & Drunck (short G & D), with its KVM Matrix Switches professional solutions, organizations, enterprises and service providers trust any size. The CATCenter X8 Switch You get here a system that allows you to manage multiple serve..
Brand: G & D Model: VGA-U-CPU-UC
The G&D VGA-U-CPU-UC seems to be a component designed for managing VGA signals, likely within a computer connectivity or KVM context. With VGA's longstanding use in video connections, this device likely facilitates signal distribution or switching between multiple computers or displays.Its c..
Brand: G & D Model: A4000001
G&D VideoSplitter 2plus - High Performance 2 port VGA Splitter A4000001..
Brand: G & D Model: DVI-CPU
The G&D DVI-CPU likely refers to a device or module produced by Guntermann & Drunck (G&D) used in KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) systems.Specifically, the DVI-CPU could be a unit designed to facilitate connections between computers or servers equipped with DVI (Digital Visual Interface..
Brand: G & D Model: UCON
KVM UCON Switch User Station Analogue User Interface Module, USB & PS/2 K/B & MouseThe Guntermann and Drunck user station, Users connect to the CATCentre NEO system by way of UCON User Consoles. The UCONs are connected to the system by CAT cable and hold the interfaces for user´s periphera..
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