FOR.A FA-9100 HD SD Frame Synchronizer Multi Purpose Signal Processor

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The FA-9100/RPS supports all formats: HD, SD, analog, digital, plus audio. It uses 12-bit internal processing for high quality images. The FA-9100/RPS goes beyond the realm of a typical signal processor featuring numerous options like an up-converter, down-converter, color corrector, logo generator, Dolby E encoder and Dolby E decoder, frame rate converter, and auto level controller. THE Processor is the next generation multi purpose signal processor

FOR.A FA-9100 HD SD Frame Synchronizer Multi Purpose Signal Processor

Technical Details
  • Input/Output of All HD, SD, Digital, and Analog Formats

The FA-9100/RPS supports all video signal formats, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, HD analog component, SD analog component, NTSC/PAL analog composite, and Y/C.

  • Digital/Analog Audio Support

The FA-9100/RPS provides digital or analog input/output for audio signals in the same way as it handles video signals. 8-channel support is provided for embedded audio and AES/EBU, and 4-channel support is provided for analog audio. Multi-channel audio signal processing is possible without phase differences between channels. Individual level adjustments can be made for each audio channel, and audio delay adjustment is provided for synchronizing to the video signal.

  • High-quality A/D Converter and D/A Converter

In the FA-9100/RPS, the input signal is converted and output from all output connectors in respective formats. Signal conversion of all output signals by A/D or D/A is constantly performed, allowing an on-air system to have all output signals available.

  • Powerful Frame Synchronizer Performance

FOR-A’s frame synchronizers have always exhibited superior performance when processing video with poor quality signals. The FA-9100/RPS incorporates all of this technical expertise into a single unit, developed with the highest priority on reliable frame synchronization.

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